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Faces Of Mental Illness

What Type Of Man?

The Facebook post below explains how I became involved in the project for “Faces Of Mental Illness.” I had posted in the GriefHab group about my experience of grieving and anxiety, and about my reasons for writing my first book.
I had started the outline of the subject I was writing about, the title I chose was “What Type Of Man?” which refers to how I started off in January 2009 sitting in my home office just two years after the death of my partner.

Back then I was asking myself the question, what type of man do I want in my life. I had decided that I had recovered enough to be able to look for another relationship. So I started to write out the different qualities and what I was looking for in my next relationship.

The full title of my first book is “What Type Of Man? Betrayal Abandonment and Post Separation Abuse” I’m not quite finished writing this yet, as I have researched some legal issues which is the subject of part 2 in my book.
I had not completely joined all the dots when I started my writing project, however now as I have had time to reflect and to learn from the experience I have come to understand why I am writing my story. There is a message in this book and I hope that I can get this message out to all the people who need to hear it. I want to be able to educate, inform and bring about changes, yes all very big goals. I am determined that I will achieve this.

You can join the waitlist here. I will launch this as an ebook first.

The idea to write my first book

So back in April, at the time I had the idea to write my first book I was invited by the owner of the GriefHab Facebook Group, Samantha Ruth to contribute a chapter to the collaborative project, Faces Of Mental Illness.

I chose to write about an experience I had when I was just 27 years of age, and not the current anxiety and trauma that I was still experiencing and going through. You can read more on the Facebook post below.

The collaborative book will be published very soon we do not have a firm date yet, so look out for all the updates that the team will post across the social media platforms. This project has been inspired by Claudia Fernandez-Niedzielski, Samantha Ruth and also Kate Butler as publisher.

The forward is written by Jack Canfield.