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Some of the books I have chosen as resources for individuals experiencing grief, anxiety or trauma. Click on any title to check out the resources on Amazon.

You may think that DREAM is an unusual title for a book dealing with grief, but I propose that daring to dream is precisely the right antidote for our aching hearts. Millions of people are hurting because they do not know how to heal. Grieving is a life skill that we are simply not taught. This little book is about to change that.ter your text here...

<a target="_blank" href="https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/search?ie=UTF8&tag=diamond1961-21&linkCode=ur2&linkId=e84dbc22c31edbd402e9450c698af8d0&camp=1634&creative=6738&index=books&keywords=DREAM...a guide to grieving gracefully: 5 Keys to Unlock the Grip of Grief">DREAM...a guide to grieving gracefully: 5 Keys to Unlock the Grip of Grief</a>

Five Stages of Healing from Abandonment, Heartbreak, and Loss: Through therapists and word-of-mouth, thousands have discovered this formerly out-of-print classic. This is because abandonment stemming from divorce, breakups, death, or the loss of friendship, health, a job, or a dream is a challenge faced in every life.

The Abandonment Recovery Workbook:

In 2009, on a beautiful sunny day, Megan Devine witnessed the accidental drowning of her beloved partner Matt. "All my professional experience as a therapist felt meaningless," she writes.
With It's OK That You're Not OK, Megan reveals a path for navigating grief and loss not by trying to escape it, but by learning to live inside of it with more grace and strength. 

It's OK That You're Not OK

Do you struggle to understand your anxiety? Are your days often consumed by worries that have no clear answers? UNTANGLE YOUR ANXIETY was written by Psychotherapist and Best-Selling Author, Joshua Fletcher (@anxietyjosh), and the owner of Instagram's largest anxiety community, Dean Stott (@DLCanxiety), to help you overcome excessive anxiety.

Untangle Your Anxiety

Support for high conflict divorce or surviving a relationship with a narcissist.

 Should I Stay or Should I Go? uses checklists, clinical wisdom, and real stories from real people to prepare you for the real terrain of pathological narcissism. It raises the red flags to watch for and provides a realistic roadmap for difficult situations to help you reclaim yourself, find healing, and live an authentic and empowered life. Whether you stay. Or go.

Should I Stay or Should I Go:

Empowering strategies for women negotiating a difficult divorce

The only way to get over it is to get through it. Help is here. High-Conflict Divorce for Women has everything that divorce books for women should have—practical strategies, helpful scripts, and realistic advice on how to navigate and cope with a difficult divorce.

High-Conflict Divorce for Women

Tina Swithin was swept off her feet by a modern-day Prince Charming. Her relationship with Seth moved quickly and after 18 months, they were married. It wasn’t long before Tina discovered that her fairytale was built on lies, fraud and deception. This wasn’t the man she married, or was it?

Divorcing a Narcissist: One Mom's Battle

Karin Walker and Dr Supriya McKenna team up to explain why separating from or divorcing a narcissist is a hugely difficult, draining experience. This book will will help you recognise narcissistic behaviour, prime you on what challenges lie ahead and provide practical insights and information on how to survive the process emotionally, financially and legally.

Divorcing a Narcissist: The Lure, the Loss and the Law

Books I can recommend personally to help you understand emotional and psychological abuses.