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I started writing my book in April 2021, I struggled and stopped in June and July and now through August the first draft is nearly complete.

"What Type Of Man?

Betrayal, Abandonment and Post Separation Abuse. 

I'm writing this book to raise awareness of some serious issues most of which are taboo subjects like:-
Money or lack of...
Personal issues and hidden emotional abuse in relationships. 
Physical and mental health concerns.
Legal issues and conflict post separation.
Just about everything that needs to be discussed really.

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Basics Of Numerology 

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Getting over Anxiety

Getting Over Anxiety


Chapter 1 – Understanding Anxiety 

Chapter 2 – Determining Your Type of Anxiety 

Chapter 3 – Practicing Mindfulness to Overcome Anxiety . 

Chapter 4 – How to Use Breathing Techniques to Stop Anxiety 

Chapter 5 – How to Manage Your Thoughts to Control Anxiety 

Chapter 6 – How to Manage Your Activities to Reduce Anxiety 

Chapter 7 – Ways to Find Instant Calm and Overcome Anxiety 

Chapter 8 – Getting In Tune with Your Thoughts and Feelings 

Chapter 9 – The Importance of Sleep When Trying to Stop Anxiety and Worry 

Chapter 10 – Changing Your Lifestyle to Regain Control of Your Life 


PRICE: €4,75

Some of the books I have chosen as resources for individuals experiencing grief, anxiety or trauma. 

Divorce Support. 

Books I can recommend personally to help you understand emotional and psychological abuses.