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Faces of Mental Illness Book Launch
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Faces Of Mental Illness Book Launch

My chapter in this book tells the story of how at just 27 years old I was admitted into a Psychiatric Hospital as a medical emergency.

Faces Of Mental Illness book launch Author Quote

How I became involved in this book project .

Back in September 2020, I updated my social profiles to say, “I’m on a mission of discovery”
Why? You might ask.
Well, let me tell you where I was right then, I was totally lost, I had no clue who I was anymore, what did I want? What would I do?. At 59 yrs of age, I thought I knew what my future was going to be, living in Spain in a lovely part of the countryside, retiring and enjoying my life, continuing to enjoy learning Spanish, learning art, maybe even taking part in another Carnival (lockdowns over and Covid subsiding). Unfortunately, my partner for the last 11 years had different ideas, he made a decision to end our relationship very abruptly. Moved on very quickly. What happened post-separation opened up my eyes to something that I had not realised in that relationship.

✍️ In April 2021 I started the outline of my first book.

✍️ My author pen name is Loren Keeling. Find out more about that book project and why I am writing my first book visit @lifechangeplans
✍️ Also in April I was also given the opportunity to be involved in a collaborative book project, “Faces Of Mental Illness” I wrote a chapter for that book that tells the story of what happened to me as a 27-year-old married mum with two young daughters. Writing under my real name Loraine Marshall.

“She was a danger to herself” refers to a statement that hurt me so much that it tipped me over the edge.
It was from the HeadMistress of the school that my youngest daughter attended. You can read my story and nineteen other stories from people who have lived experiences of mental illness. We share our stories inFaces Of Mental Illness” in a collective effort to break stigmas, inspire hope, and change the way the world views Mental Illness.
Hashtags we are using on Facebook and Social Media #erasethestigmanow #breakingstigmas #facesofmentalillness  #mentalhealthmatters #facesofmentalillness

Faces Of Mental Illness Book Launch on Amazon Now

Faces of Mental Illness is officially available on Amazon on December 7th

Please help me support this amazing cause and buy your copy today.

Faces Of Mental Illness Book Launch 
Foreword By Jack Canfield

#1 Amazon Bestseller

Thank you so much Claudia Fernandez-Niedzielski and Samantha Ruth and Kate Butler the book publisher.

Yesterday, we were all waiting for the news about sales from our book launch.

The news was that Amazon stats were down.

So we all had to wait a bit longer for the news.

Now we can celebrate 🍾🥂


Congratulations Everyone❗

We are all officially #1 Best Selling Authors!!!

If you would like to support this amazing cause and buy your copy.

For friends family and networks in the UK.

Here is the link to the UK Amazon Store: https://amzn.to/3pwMHJ7