post separation abuse as ebook
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Loren Keeling is a blogger, digital creator and author of her first non-fiction book, "Post Separation Abuse, Betrayal & Abandonment, What Type Of Man?"

Now Availble as Ebook and Paperback 

As a retired Property Management business owner Loren spent a decade running her business in the NE of England before moving abroad 5 years ago to live a new life in Spain with dreams of becoming fully retired and living a good life with her partner.

That dream shattered during September 2020 and with very little financial security, other than a roof over her head and a lot of support and help from various friends and associates, she used her creative skills, research and knowledge to write her debut creative non-fiction book. 

Loren is a lifelong learner, studying personal development and now digital marketing. Her previous writing skills were used in the Charitable Trust Fundraising sector where she started out writing funding letters for local Youth and Community Organisations in the area where she lived. 

Loren explains how she has now experienced what she calls the three D's in relationships. Divorce, death of a partner and now the abrupt and sudden discard by her third long term partner.

Now Available as Ebook and Paperback

Loren currently works on building her online businesses whilst still living at the Spanish villa in the heart of the countryside in Cartegena. Her first book is raising awareness on hidden emotional abuse in relationships and also highlights the legal challenges and conflicts that can arise post-separation in these situations. 

"Post Separation Abuse. Betrayal & Abandonment, What Type Of Man?"

Will be available as an ebook soon plus on pre-order and then widely published in spring 2022.

Now Available as Ebook and Paperback