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Emptiness, loneliness, utter despair, 
A husband who is selfish, unable to care.

 Words of formality, a tone of disgrace,
 The look of such evilness there is on his face.

 Condescending and nasty and Incredibly flip,
 Once there was love but the scale has now tipped.

 Trying and trying to get to the truth,
 Lost in confusion - can't get to the root.

 Puzzled, disheartened, perplexed by contention,
 Meaningless efforts to avoid detection.

 A voice to be heard, the truth to be told,
 Loneliness  ensues as your future unfolds.

 Realizing too late, that you once had it all,
 A woman who was special unworthy of the fall.

 Grasping for life, for love and reprieve,
 You reach out to me - too late as I leave. 

Honorable, loving, steadfast and true,
You once had it all in me that you blew.

 You failed to take heart, you failed to see through,
 The truths that I spoke in such candor to you.

 You laughed at my words, you spit in my face,
 And now it's too late for your steps to retrace.

 The damage is done, like a blow to the head,
 You are not the same as the man that I wed.

 I was a good woman, I was a good wife.
 I did not deserve all the Strife in my life.

 You promised to protect, and keep me from harm's way,
 Once upon a time -  kind words you did say.

 Now you swear and spew words of such malice,
 On your high horse the king of your palace.

From time to time you seem to be kind,
But only lasting briefly I find.

 Bit by bit you demean my existence,
 Degrading my life and causing resistance.

 Blinded and jaded by life's master plan,
 Lacking the love of a true gentle man.

 Lost in deceptions of your own fabrications,
 You justify your actions and see no relation.

 Seeking fulfillment in the things that don't matter,
 Yet neglecting the marriage that soon is to shatter.

No effort is made, no action is owned,
No conscience to speak of for hope to be shown.

 Like a kiss in the night from a prince in your dream,
 You awaken to learn that it's not as it seems.

You drift back to sleep with the hopes to resume,
 But are plagued by the truth of the fate of your doom.

 Shattered deceptions of a marriage that's shaken,
 Are reflections of you and the vows that you're breaking. 

Published with permission from Robin Mitchell-Sandeen

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