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Today is exactly two years from the date that a former partner walked away from the relationship.
I wrote my story and self-published my book in June 2022.
“Post Separation Abuse. Betrayal & Abandonment, What Type Of Man?”

Readers will discover

  • 2 Resources for keeping a record of bullying and abusive incidents
  • Writing as a way to heal. Letters to the ex. Letters to the other woman.
  • 40 Signs of Emotional Abuse
  • 4 Steps to release anger and resentment
  • 5 Ways to recover and heal

Using the idea of writing as a way to heal I created two journals and published them on Amazon.
They will be available soon.
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Below is one of the letters I wrote and published in my book.

My Letters to the Ex – March 2021

Dear Phillip,
You promised “financial security” in our retirement together!

After forgiving myself and getting through the stressful emotions of your first confession of “cheating” on me with your “Wednesday girl”. Yes, I forgave you, you told me you “were working things out,” “trust me,” you said, and I did!

You wanted to work another 18 months to put away another £100k in your pension fund, then we would be secure together, you lied to me, you betrayed me, and you hurt me deeply. You cheated again, you discarded me, you abandoned me, you deserted me. Now your emails tell me you will see me leave with nothing!

Remember that day in September, when you came into the bedroom while you were working on fixing your precious MG, your “Old Lady”. You stood in the bedroom, in front of the window by the mirror, it was the day after you had sent me the email, you know the one, the email that told me I had to leave the house by the 1st of November.

You looked ghostly white, and your face was very pale. I thought that something had happened to you. I said, are you alright, what’s the matter? And you stood there with your arms stretching out and said to me “I need a hug” you were like a scared little child. I thought it was very strange.

I got up off the bed and walked round to where you were standing. I stood in front of you, then you put your arms around me and I stood there next to your chest, feeling rather odd. You then said in my ear, “I didn’t really mean for you to leave by the first of November”. I can’t recall saying anything in reply. We just stood there for a few seconds, I didn’t even have my arms around you.

When it came to the final farewell on the 24th of September. You had your cases packed, and you were eating breakfast in the kitchen. I came and sat down at the table, you seemed choked as you couldn’t manage to eat any more of the cereal you had prepared, you got up and tipped the remains in the bin.

Then as I stood in the kitchen by the sink in front of the window, you then said we had a few minutes to talk before the car arrived to take you to the airport. I was just standing there, I didn’t know what to say. I didn’t say anything. Then while you were looking straight at me you said in a certain tone “I can’t talk to you when you look like that, I’m going” then you hurried out of the door.

As the car arrived you struggled with getting your cases out of the porch door. I had prepared a note for you. It was my Final Farewell Letter.

I went to retrieve the letter so that I could hand it to you and say my goodbye.

The last case was packed into the car, you turned around and walked over to where I was standing on the edge of the porch.

This time it was me who was putting my arms around you. I said in your ear, “I still love you, I never thought it would end like this” and you snapped back in an awkward tone of voice, “Well it has,” I then put my hand out and gave you my letter.

Expressive Writing

Expressive writing can result in a reduction in stress, anxiety, and depression; improve our sleep and performance, and bring us greater focus.

Writing As A Way To Heal