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In today’s article, I have reproduced two statements that might resonate with anyone who has been through a narcissistic or controlling abusive relationship. The first article is about what you can lose and the second article is about how a man treats a woman.

Relationships with controlling manipulative abusers and narcissists are permeated by loss

You lose Yourself 

You lose your friends family and sometimes even your own children

You lose your self-respect and dignity 

You lose your self-esteem 

You lose your sense of reality 

You lose your ability to function well

 In many cases, you lose your financial resources 

You may lose your mental and physical health 

You lose your innocence and feelings of safety

You lose your trust and sense of wellbeing

You lose your faith in people, life, and sometimes even God 

You lose your hopes and your dreams 

You may lose your assets 

You may even lose your desire to live and there’s so much more 

This is one thing in life that has the potential to destroy everything

Feeling lost and alone, in fear and uncertainty is a natural reaction to being forced into grief and total devastation by a person who you once loved and thought that they loved you. Since you now discovered that they never loved you and they have already gone so far to destroy your life you need a way to rebuild and recover and take back your life. In the article “Desire is the starting point for all achievement” you may find a few steps to help you regain control and minimize your fears.

A man who ??

Pay attention.
This is for all of the single sexy successful women out there-

A man who calls you sweetheart means nothing

 A man who says he loves you means nothing

 A man who calls you his woman means nothing

 A man who gives you a child means nothing

 And this one’s going to ruffle a few feathers but anyway

 A man who puts a ring on your finger and calls you his wife means nothing at all 

Do you want to know what means something 

A man who shows you love, loyalty, and respect consistently 

Words that mean something because you see actions and patterns, they don’t lie.

I want to leave you with a playlist of YouTube videos that you might find useful in helping you to overcome your challenges and fears. Napoleon Hill, The Law of Success Course in 16 Lessons: