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Change Your Thinking And It Will Change Your Life

Three Mind Exercises to Help You Manifest Your Ideal Life
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Three Mind Exercises to Help You Manifest Your Ideal Life
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I’ve mentioned the “Law of Attraction” philosophy in my previous article. To quickly remind you, the law of attraction believes that what you are thinking, is what you will be living. If you are thinking good, then good shall be upon you as well as vice versa.

I may sound quite mystical or perhaps… delusional, right now. But I would like to share a little secret that I do that really helps me in untangling the knots within me and set straight my path to reach my goals and desires.

It’s called: manifesting.

Every day that we live consciously, we always manifest. When you say to yourself “I am beautiful” you attract beautiful energy that makes you beautiful! But when you say that “life sucks” the energy that you attract could be the negative hence your life indeed may suck. This is one of the reasons that makes me speak kinder to myself. What I believe is upon me will happen, both good and bad. And even though the bad happens to me still even after I manifest the good, I step back and ask myself then: “what is this event trying to tell me?”

There are many ways you can manifest. Some people do it by writing their affirmations, and some people meditate, and many more. Here are the three steps that I personally enjoy:

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