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Betrayal and discovery of a double life.
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Oprah interviews a family, the wife has written a book “Back From Betrayal” it’s an eye-opener to just how infidelity and betrayal can cause so much hurt in the family unit. #LeadingADoubleLife #Betrayal #serialadulterer

It is obvious when the adult son breaks down during the interview that he was deeply traumatized by the events during his childhood. How many adults can look back on their childhood and see their own mothers and fathers arguing or bickering, or one parent being so hurt that they break down into tears?

I also experienced a childhood where my parents argued, where one of my parents cheated on the other. When one parent discovered the cheating it became too much for them to cope with and heir was an attempted suicide. Luckily surviving, however, I lost both of my parents while they were relatively young, both succumbed to illness and disease which took their lives early.

Now, I am older and wiser I can see the relevance. I have studied personal development for many years. If you listen to this family being interviewed by Oprah you might hear Mr. Farbman saying how he came to the realization that the one person that he hurt the most was himself. Despite the fact that his wife and his sons were also hurt by his decisions and actions.

Stress and anxiety and low vibrational emotions can be the cause of many illnesses and diseases. I wrote more about this in another article that you can find here if you are interested.

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