Support The Publishing Of My First Book. 

The 27th of August 2021 was the first anniversary of the abrupt termination
of an 11-year relationship with a man that I attracted into my life in 2009. 
Listen to the video,  which I refer to a meeting in which we were suppossed to discuss a financial proposal that I had sent to him after his abrupt discard and his letter outlining how he proposed to help me. 

I started writing my story in April 2021, I struggled and stopped in 
June and July and then through August started again.  
"What Type Of Man? Betrayal, Abandonment and Post Separation Abuse. 

I'm seeking donations to help me finish and publish my work.

1. Written to highlight the impact of domestic abuse and all the women who don’t survive. 

2. Written for all the women who have been in or are still in a controlling or emotionally abusive relationship, who felt trapped and couldn't find a way to leave. 
3. To highlight the 
myth of being in a common law marriage the gap in the Laws when a relationship fails and does not end in an amicable win:win solution, but desends into conflict or post-separation abuse.

Can I feature you in my new book? Part 3. Is useful resources to help other women in these situations.

Legal Services that deal with Domestic Abuse & Coercive Control. 
Mediation Services that help in negotiations between couples divorcing and separating.

Book Project support.

Help with a donation towards publishing my first book ...

Everyone will recieve a copy of the ebook version of  "What Type Of Man?" when it is completed, I have included song titles of various artists and music that resonated with me as I struggled through the sadness, and the ups and downs of my emotions, which just adds a bit of depth to the story as I tell it. 

Woman reading book What Type Of Man

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