Post-Separation Abuse.
Betrayal & Abandonment

What Type Of Man? 

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Genre  Creative non-fiction, Memoir / Autobiography, Self help /Personal Development,
Families & Relationships.        

What Type Of Man?
E book version What Type Of Man?

Raising Awareness 

This book is designed mainly to raise awareness of the “hidden emotional and psychological abuses” during relationships and also post-separation. So it is aimed at women who may unknowingly suffer experiences of controlling behaviour and hidden domestic abuse.  But also for professionals in the fields of judicial, social and health care, who might find it useful to understand how the recipients of abuse might have experienced years of what can be minor aggressions that are likened to death by a thousand paper cuts.  

My hope is that it will also highlight the obvious gaps in the laws and show how the law is not fit for purpose.  How unmarried women can be left in a double bind at the end of an abusive relationship.
Report abuse vs Don’t report abuse.

How an ex pàrtner with power and money can use the legal system to further abuse their target. Remember emotional abuse manipulation and mind games are all about “power and control”.